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Trends of modern tourism in university education

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During the past decades, major changes have occurred in the field of tourism, as well as in university science and education. It is necessary to fix new trends in the development of domestic Russian tourism, which have become a response to the changes taking place in the sphere of foreign and domestic policy and economy: inclusion of almost all regions of the Russian Federation in the orbit of tourism on the basis of federal and regional programs that stimulate the development of new tourist routes; development of tourist infrastructure-mainly through the construction of new hospitality facilities, including thematic ones, which encourage traveling with immersion in a particular cultural and historical era; investment in the renovation of tourist resources in demand in the domestic tourism market and the creation of new facilities in need of modern interpretation. Following the dynamically developing tourist practice one educational paradigm was replaced by another. Instead expertise and technology, threaded «resourcecentric» and «humanistic» disciplines, new courses, which are based on scientific methodology come. The category «approach» used in the development of a new educational paradigm is usually referred in such periods of development of a particular activity, when, on the one hand, serious changes are recorded in the existing system, and on the other, science does not provide an opportunity to solve the problem by the means available in science.
  • Лесков Александр Святославович
  • Лескова Галина Андреевна
  • Лескова Г. А., Молозина И. В. Внутренний туризм как средство конструирования культурного пространства России // Культурное пространство России: генезис и трансформация / А. С. Тургаев и др.; под ред. А. С. Тургаева; ред.-сост. А. Е. Хренов. Санкт-Петербург, СПбГИК, 2017. С. 85-115.
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Authors: Leskov Aleksandr Svyatoslavovich
Leskova Galina Andreevna
Рубрика: Без названия
Pages: 145-150
УДК: 378.016:338.482
Keywords: civilization approach, prophetic fits, cultural and geographical approach, semiotic approach, service and customer-oriented approach, creative approach, economic approach, design method, systematic approach
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