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The carnival in modern culture

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The concept of carnival M. Bakhtin is often found in apparent form in other cultural phenomena, not necessarily in the carnival. In order to show this, we need to bear in mind the term «carnival». The spirit of the carnival today can be found in various spheres of artistic culture. These can be movies, theatrical productions, operas, etc. In the article, this is shown on the material of the f lm «V for Vendetta» (2006), and the television series «Terror» (2018). In the television series «Terror» elements of carnival are used. The real history of the expedition of the Royal Navy of Great Britain under the leadership of Sir John Franklin in 1845 on the ships «Terror» and «Erebus», in which 128 people were killed, is mixed with f ctional events. In the series, the crew members of two ice-dried ships are victims of a mystical animal. Further, realizing that they do not wait for the melting of ice, the captain of one of the ship decides to leave the ship in search of a new way. Before that, he organizes a carnival. However, this carnival dif ers from the usual carnival tradition. Here they do not burn anyone, but the king of the carnival. After that, events develop, also related to the carnival. First of all, this is due to cannibalism. This also ref ects the character of the carnival. In the f lm «V for Vendetta» also shows the features and symbols of the carnival. The symbolism of this f lm inf uenced modern reality and social phenomena. Thus, modern culture contains a variety of manifestations of carnival symbols

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Authors: Victorino Leonardo
Рубрика: Культурология
Pages: 63-69
УДК: УДК 394.25:316.722
DOI: DOI 10.30725/2619-0303-2019-4-63-69
Keywords: carnival, symbol, mask, cannibalism, modern culture, f lm, television series
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