научный журнал
вестник Санкт-Петербургского государственного
института культуры

Editorial policy

The author submitting an article to the journal expresses his consent to publish it in the journal, for it to be publicly
available at the site of the journal on the Internet and to transfer the text of the article (including references,
bibliographic information, etc.) to third parties, for which these data are mandatory to be provided, or to other
persons in order to ensure the possibility of citing the contribution and increasing the citation index of the author
and journal.

Responsibility for the factual evidence and data provided in the articles rests with authors.

Materials posted in the journal reflect the personal point of view of authors, which may differ from the editorial
staff’s point of view.

Decision about whether to publish or reject the materials is taken by the editorial board.

 Author`s royalties for the publication of articles are not charged.

The editorial staff has the right to reject materials that are improperly prepared or not related to the subject matter
of the journal.

The editorial staff does not enter into a discussion with the authors of the rejected materials.

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