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Separatism as cultural anomaly

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The well-known Russian historian Nikolai Oulianoff studied the values, images, meanings and priorities associated with the problems of separatism. The issues of separatism became relevant not only in connection with a change in the mental paradigm at the end of the twentieth century, accompanied by social transformations and sociocultural changes, including those that continue in the modern world. The work raises ethical positions, objectivity, morality and honesty in the context of the presentation of history and cultural studies. The article analyzes the origins of the current cultural policy, axiological priorities and attempts to distort the cultural code as a result of attempts to revise history, change many of the ideals that led to modern realities in the cultural space of Ukraine. At the same time, an attempt was made to abstract from the so-called «Ukrainian separatism», turning to the problem as a whole, to separatism as a pernicious phenomenon in general. In the article with an unusual position for Ukraine in the current philosophical reflections and in the cultural and historical discourses the actual problems of the national culture are considered. Against the background of a tense situation in the country, small excursions into the past were made, trends were noted and possible clues for the future were suggested.

  • Радзиевский Виталий Александрович
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Authors: Radzievskii Vitalii Aleksandrovich
Рубрика: Культурология
Pages: 26-31
УДК: [316.723:323.173](477)
DOI: 10.30725/2619-0303-2019-1-26-31
Keywords: culture,cultural space of Ukraine,sepatism,Nikolai Oulianoff,ukrainization,cultural policy,subcultures
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