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Childhood culture: resources of counteraction manipulative practices

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The problem of counteraction to manipulative practices in the modern space of «childhood culture» is actualized due to contradictions related to the global cultural confrontation between Russia and a significant part of the Euro-Atlantic civilization. Formed in a number of states russophobia, active promotion in the information space of values, discordant with the axiological and anthropological foundations of national culture, pose a threat to the normal development of youth society. The desire to form negative attitudes towards Russian statehood, Orthodoxy, culture in the younger generation, discredit the institutions of society has become the mainstream of anti-Russian information policy and certain social practices. Counteraction to manipulative practices can be optimized in case of demand of domestic pedagogical resources in order to form a stable picture of the world in the children’s and youth society, based on the system of traditional for the national culture value orientations. Creating a comfortable and value-oriented information environment of the space of childhood culture, limiting the window of opportunities for destructive and manipulative impact on children and youth consciousness is the main pedagogical goal, the implementation of which should be effectively provided with the resources of modern socio-cultural technologies and practices.

  • Сукало Александр Александрович
  • Иконникова С. Н. «Защитный пояс» культуры и стратегии отношения к детству // Вестн. С.-Петерб. гос. ин-та культуры. 2018. № 4 (37). С. 56-59.
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Authors: Sukalo Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Рубрика: Педагогические науки
Pages: 156-162
УДК: 316.7:373
DOI: 10.30725/2619-0303-2019-1-156-162
Keywords: childhood culture,manipulative practices,information technologies,protection of family and childhood,social and cultural activities,youth society
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