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Def nition of techniques for making museum items from beads

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This article is dedicated to the problems of determining manufacturing techniques of dif erent museum objects made ofbeads. Correctly identif ed technique increases the information potential of an object, facilitates the process of restoration andhelps in the preparation of exhibition labels, scientif c publications and catalogues. The main attention is paid to identifying pat-terns between the appearance of beaded objects and the used technique. The combination of the following characteristics allowsto determine the methods used in creating a particular object – the placement of bead holes within the object, the straightnessor mixing of bead rows relative to one another, the appearance of the reverse side, the way beads are connected to each other.The algorithm based on the example of several techniques can be useful in practical work for both – museum staf and amateurcollectors. The article also provides an explanatory table which shows the names of various manufacturing techniques and theirattribution features. This table can be helpful with distinguishing one technique from another.

  • Ганина Любовь Геннадьевна
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Authors: Ganina Lyubov’ Gennad’evna
Рубрика: Культурология
Pages: 28-32
УДК: УДК 069.4:746.5
DOI: DOI 10.30725/2619-0303-2019-3-28-32
Keywords: beads, beaded objects, beadwork techniques, objects of applied arts, museum objects, restoration of beaded objects
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