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Problems of teaching plastic expressiveness to prospective vocalists

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The article considers the problems related to teaching plastic expressiveness to prospective vocalists, methods and techniques of acquisition of the means of plastic expressiveness are proposed. Particular attention is paid to the psychological aspects oteaching plastic expressiveness to prospective vocalists. Specic role of the communication process that is established between a vocalist and audience during the singing performance, has been noted. Stages of such communication process have been
considered, with the speci cs of perception of a song composition by the audience, associated with the artiste’s performance, namely, lack of plastic performance skills (non-verbal expressiveness), have been studied. The results received in the course othe experiment showed the e ectiveness of the methodical reception techniques used, which need to be applied in the stage movement program. This contributed to changes in future vocalists’ conceptions and concerns relating to their professional capabilities, thus allowing them to perceive the emotional component of their performance. As the students have mastered
plastic expressiveness, a greater emotional impact of their performance on the audience has been noted, which helped to pres-ent the concept of musical and song composition to them adequately.
  • Астраханцева Светлана Владимировна
  • Святкина Ирина Владимировна
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Authors: Astrakhantseva Svetlana Vladimirovna
Sviatkina Irina Vladimirovna
Рубрика: Педагогические науки
Pages: 122-127
УДК: УДК 784.75.071.2:792.028.3
DOI: DOI 10.30725/2619-0303-2020-1-122-127
Keywords: plastic vocabulary, stage movement teaching, plastic expressiveness, crooner, emotionalism, stage image, facial expression, gestures
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