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Text blog as a type of the friendly letter

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d blogs of the information space and the genre of friendly writing in the Pushkin era. The general characteristic features of these types of text are highlighted, which are the imitation of live speech, as well as the interaction of the representative and communicative functions of communication. The paper shows the commonality of goals and communicative strategies of friendly writing and networking: self-presentation, simplified text structure, the use of elements of oral speech and its imitation. Selfpresentation both in a blog and in a friendly letter consists of two components: the actual presentation and communication. Different strategies of self-presentation create an image of the author, and communication ensures the translation of this image into the reader’s environment and forms feedback, readers’ response, allowing the author to adjust his image during communication. The paper also proves that during online communication in blogs, texts are created that transform the genre of friendly writing, including the reader’s works, his associations and cultural memory in the composition.

  • Ищенко Нина Сергеевна
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Authors: Ishchenko Nina Sergeevna
Рубрика: Культурология
Pages: 65-69
УДК: 316.472.4:004 + 821.161.1-94”18”
DOI: 10.30725/2619-0303-2022-2-65-69
Keywords: friendly letter, network communication, information space, communicative strategy, Pushkin epoch, blogs
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