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Collecting ancient Russian furniture in Russian museums

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The new study concerns one of the most important aspects of museum work – the attribution of monuments. In this case, we consider a group of furniture art samples created before the XVII century, which is currently determined by the method of art history analysis in the process of systematization of the collection of the State Historical Museum. In the process of work, the task of re–attribution of these monuments dated by the predecessors of the XVI–XIX centuries are set. By analogy, this series includes exhibits from other museums in Russia. Attribution of furniture has difficulties, as there are no brands, ownership marks, documented provenance. In solving the problem of determining the place and time of creation, additional information can be found from the history of the formation of specialized museum collections, the largest of which in ancient heritage were created in the State Historical Museum and the Museum «Russian Antiquities» by P.  I.  Shchukin. As it was established, their collections were completed according to the same principle of acquiring objects with archaic features. Conducting such work is relevant for optimizing the historical context and using the results in the practice of attribution, exhibiting, publishing and popularization activities of Russian museums with similar artifacts, as well as for introducing added information into scientific circulation in the sphere of national history and museology.

  • Углева Наталья Владимировна
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Authors: Ugleva Natalia Vladimirovna
Рубрика: Культурология
Pages: 121-127
УДК: [069.5:749.1(=161.1)]:7.072.5
DOI: 10.30725/2619-0303-2022-3-121-127
Keywords: attribution, ancient Russian furniture, collection, State Historical Museum, P. I. Shchukin
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