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Health issues in fiction books as a basis for a museum exhibition

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Nowadays we can state the culture medicalization. It means the great extension of medical knowledge in daily practices. Medicine determines the individual life: the personal care topics, the beauty cult and health become the subject of public discussions. In this regard, the role and importance of medicine is increasing. The medical museum today faces a challenge. On the one hand, the heritage which he preserves is relevant, on the other hand, medical knowledge has a specificity that makes it difficult for an ordinary individual to understand it. Thus, the medical museum is forced to look for ways of updating its issues. The proposed article examines the way how medicine can be presented through literature. The advantage of the literature as a presentation type is that it adapts medical material in the art form, which is more suitable for ordinary individual. Due to the medicalization of the culture, medicine is widely represented in the literature. This fact gives a terrific opportunity for interpretation the medicine.

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Authors: Borisova Daria Sergeevna
Рубрика: Культурология
Pages: 21-26
УДК: [069:61]:82
DOI: 10.30725/2619-0303-2023-4-21-26
Keywords: museum presentation, medicalization, medical museum, exhibition design, museology, intertextuality
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