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Transgressions of human: from man in culture to culture without man

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The state of the culture of the turn of the XX–XXI centuries is investigated. It is shown that the state of
postmodernism represents the end of a true human history and the transition to the existence of culture without man. The main sociocultural excesses of this process are analyzed: the deconstruction of cultural universals (God, man, humanity, human) and the phenomenon of transhumanism and posthumanism. It is argued that it was the actual state of culture and post-non-classical scientific rationality that generated post-humanistic ideology.
The social risks of the posthumanistic triad of the “man–transman–postman” are analyzed. The problem of the genesis of actual sociocultural excesses is posed. It is assumed that their ultimate foundation is not the specific sociocultural factors, but the transgressive nature of the culture itself. The concept of a total transgression of culture is introduced. Historical examples of transgressions of human are considered: ancient Greek paideia, medieval grotesque, mutual transitions of real cultural layers of world history: science, music, architecture, sculpture, painting. It is shown that the transformation of the human into the posthuman will be the last of its possible transgressions, and that in the idea of transition from man to postman humanity has approached its final limit, overcoming which it will complete its own existence.

  • Тимошевский Александр Васильевич
  • Савин Виктор Вячеславович
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Authors: Timoshevskiy Alexandr Vasilievich
Savin Victor Vyacheslavovich
Рубрика: Культурология
Pages: 97-105
УДК: УДК 140:316.733"19/20"
DOI: DOI 10.30725/2619-0303-2020-1-97-105
Keywords: transgression, sociocultural excesses, ultimate foundations of culture, transhumanism, posthumanism
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